Friday, January 9, 2015

quilt cards

One of the hardest things about being an artisan and selling my work has been figuring out my market. Ironically, I know who my customer is and what she likes, I understand color trends and am great working on weddings. I am pretty sure that I have found the sweet spot for my prices. BUT my online customer buys completely different items than my brick-and-mortar customer. That's the part of selling my work that will always baffle me. My B&M customer buys greeting cards and lots of them. My online customer almost never buys greetings cards. I think there must be something more tactile to greeting card sales. Perhaps for my cards, my customer needs to hold them, turn them over, determine the quality of the card by the heft of the heavy card stock. I have tried offering my cards online in sets, packaged up in raffia for gift-giving, and all kinds of clever marketing ways that I have researched. Still the sales just limp along. If you have any insight, let me know!

After my Petal People, my quilt cards, pictured here, are one of my best sellers in stores. If you would like to purchase my quilt cards (or have a custom order of any kinds of plantable paper cards made) and are not a local customer, let me know! I am happy to make them and ship.

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