Friday, January 2, 2015

Bookmarks, part 2

Today's post is a continuation from yesterday's about cleaning out my computer bookmarks, since I forgot about all the bookmarks that are on my laptop!

As a papermaker, I love all things paper. In recent years, I have become fascinated with rolled paper, as you can see when you scroll through my blog and see my paper sculptures and art that others make from rolled paper. Here is some art that I found that made my jaw hit the floor. I kinda marvel at anybody who can so meticulously plan out their work and execute it so beautifully. (Yes, that really is a chess set made out of paper!)

I love the idea of cutting all the words out of a book, and the powerful message it sends. But, wow, what a crazy amount of work.

"Brooklyn-based artist Meg Hitchock dissects religious texts such as the Bible, Koran, and Torah and uses the individual letters to create maddeningly complex, interwoven collages of typography." Her patience is incredible:

And if you are reading this blog, then I know you have a little time to burn, so how about 66 Amazing Examples of Paper Art:


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