Thursday, January 1, 2015

Bookmarks on my computer

This is the time of the year when I do my deep cleaning. I don't save it for spring when I would rather be outside in my garden. I start cleaning, sorting and chucking in the winter when the weather makes me want to hunker down, nest and organize. I recently went through all of my bookmarks on my computer in a cleaning spurt of the virtual kind. It was time to go through all of those interesting pages that I came across at some point, bookmarked for inspiration and then never looked at again.

The funny thing is I ended up getting inspired all over again, and deleted very few of the bookmarks. (At least they don't take up room in my closet.) Here are some of my favorites.

I LOVE the idea of these pencil tip carvings. They appeal to my love of recycling, of the beauty in something old and worn - even a stubby pencil - and to my strange fascination with miniatures. I will never have the patience to make something like this, and maybe that's why they tantalize me so entirely.

This artist seems to have mastered making paper in a very short time, which makes me crazy because I have never made anything as clever and cool as these stenciled letters and I have been making paper for almost 25 years. Jealous!

This is just kinda neat and thought-provoking:

And I am now completely enamored of blackout poetry:

I love when artists think of a new way to make paper into something else. This art is by Gill Wilson:

Hope you are inspired as well! Sorry if you ended up clogging up your bookmarks with all these suggestions.

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