Thursday, May 15, 2014

The world wide web

It amazes me what the internet has done for my life, how many people I can reach and who can reach me because of it. Every so often, I google my work and my name to see what will come up. (A few times I have found copyright infringements for my photos or work that I have had to shut down. Yikes!) But this time, I found only really good, happy things associated with my work.

I found a blog from a bride who used my plantable paper tented cards for her wedding. The video she posted of her vows to her husband made me tear up. Check it out on the bottom of her blog at

I saw glances of the tented cards that I made in that same video (here’s a screen shot) and it made me smile to see how I had a hand in such a special day in someone’s life. So cool.

One of my customers purchased some of my miniature plantable paper flat cards and envelopes to use as part of a gardener’s gift basket with all kinds of wonderful things from New York State. You can see my purple plantable paper card and mini envelope on the top of the Gardener’s Box here:

I found how one of my customers used my paper products for labels for their business and embossed my plantable paper. The end result was really lovely:

I found lots of interviews I have given over the years and blogs about my work. This one cracked me up because it looks like it is in Greek:

If it were not for the internet, then the only way I would reach people would be to travel to them. It used to be that I could only travel as far as the most affordable craft show within driving distance from my home to reach people. Now I look at my stats in my Etsy shop just to marvel at views from India, Australia, South America and China. I can’t imagine what the internet and technology will provide in the future and how my great-great grandchildren will shop and find people. I just hope someone will still be making handmade paper the old-fashioned way!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

To my mom and all the hard-working mothers doing what they love and raising their kids.