Tuesday, January 13, 2015

FaceBook … dislike

I started a FaceBook business page a few months back. Though it is a very low investment of time (and no money at all - yay!), I have become disillusioned with it. Everything I read and research about FaceBook as a marketing tool is disappointing. Apparently, FaceBook has changed their algorithm so that, in order to be seen, you must pay them. You do this by either boosting a post you have written or paying them money for new followers. I wasn't just going to throw money at FaceBook without understanding where it was going, so I did a little research. I didn't have to go very far to find out a lot. Turns out that when you pay for a campaign to get more likes (presumably to grow your audience, to get more customers and to grow your business), you are actually giving money to a click farm: people who are paid to like your shop and then go away forever. They will not be customers and, even worse, they will not interact with your page. The more likes you have but the less interaction there is, the more your page falls out of sight even on the walls of people who do want to see you, and then you have to pay to boost your posts. And once you have paid for these likes, you can't get rid of them. From the start, I knew I was going to grow my page organically without advertising, but this new discovery kinda turns me off to FaceBook completely. Check out this video for a really thorough explanation:


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