Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Buddha belly

One of my friends, Beth, seems to be good at everything she does. She is an incredible artist, baker, cook, photographer, painter, writer, singer, musician and yoga teacher. Everything she does looks easy, and she brings her incredible love and spirit to all that she touches. When she makes food, she just opens up the cupboards (and her heart), throws some things together and comes up with the most amazing foods without measuring a single thing. I really am in awe of her talents. Today, I made a big batch of her yummy granola so I could munch on it throughout my busy upcoming week of making custom handmade paper orders, and have a really nutritious and easy mid-day snack paired with some yogurt or dried fruit. It has a lot of expensive ingredients - like brown rice syrup, coconut oil and almonds - and this recipe makes a really large amount. So if you want to save some money, cut it in half. Here's the recipe:

By the way, don't toast the almonds before you blend everything together. I did that once and they were over-toasted by the time the batch was cooked.

And if you want to enjoy some really great stories, always paired with a fantastic recipe, check out her blog:

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