Monday, April 6, 2015

What is your favorite…?

Awww. This blog talks about my shop being one of the first that this person "favorited" on Etsy. That's so nice!

Among my favorite shops are:

Crafterall. Marnie makes these beautiful layered papercuts of different bodies of water. I was glad to find her a long time ago and have her make a papercut of a body of water that was part of my childhood because now she has a wait time of several months for her orders. Wow!

Jellybeans. I love these whimsical, happy, bright watercolor trees. And there is something about circles that I love. Put it all together and it's totally my kind of art.

anythinggoeshere. Because I love folk art and primitive things and antiques. I bought some of Joan's vintage faucet handles a few years ago and used them as knob handles on a piece of furniture in my studio that I use every day and love, love, love them.

LaurieBrownFineArt. Her rolled paper art is just so cool to me. I wish I could justify the expense of buying one for myself.

MarysGranddaughter. I am not usually attracted to embroidery but these designs are so different that they intrigue me. Plus, I think it's so cool how she uses old doll arms in some of them and breaks the plane of the fabric in such an unexpected way.

DecadesOfVintage. I like this shop because it makes me want to buy vintage books because of how appealing they make the books look in the photos. What a great lesson in marketing!

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