Thursday, April 16, 2015


The end of 8 days of vacation last week was a little bumpy. The 5 am hotel wake-up call never came (good thing we're early risers anyway); a little boy named Max kicked the back of my seat the entire airplane ride and complained about life so loudly that everyone in front of me started turning around and shooting evil stares at his parents; I got home with plenty of time to take about 15 packages to the post office but my printer thought it was still vacation; after two hours of trying to print out mailing labels and finally facing the fact that my dying printer had really died, I took a quick detour to Best Buy for a new one; I realized that while I was at Best Buy, I should have gone next door to AC Moore for something I needed to complete a custom order that had to be shipped that day … back in the car to AC Moore; after a successful post office run, I turned my attention to taking some glass out of a huge frame only to snap off the corner of the glass; in all of my haste to get everything done, I turned quickly into the space where nothing should have been but a drawer that I left open was occupying; after cleaning up the dripped blood, I admired my new printer (holy cow, you can email it from remote locations and print, and it will order new ink online when the cartridges are starting to run low!), picked up the book that I couldn't concentrate on reading when Max was kicking me and felt like I really clobbered the heck out that day.

Outtakes {aka my not so pretty day in pictures}

And even more good news. All that crazy running around helped me hit my goal for activity for the day on my FitBit! (That thing is almost as smart as my printer.)

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