Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The front window

Store window displays are tricky things to create, and I am knee deep in creating one to advertise my show in a gallery. It is my responsibility to create the window display but it has to be attractive to pedestrians yet simple enough to be eye-catching to people driving by. I have multiple challenges for displaying my items. First of all, most of my work is small, from my A2 greeting cards to my pressed flower art, which are in frames that measure 8 x 10. In addition, the framed items are original works of art with real pressed flowers and can't be displayed in direct sunlight for the month-long run of the show. Add to that the tricky measurements on the window, which has a short panel of glass in the front with two pieces of wood that cut the visual field. The back of the display is a sliding door so nothing can be hung on it since it moves. This diagram doesn't convey all the quirkiness of this window.

Adding to the challenges, I have to pay for the display materials so I want something attractive and intriguing without a huge financial outlay. I came up with the idea of just taking my greeting cards and mounting them onto a poster-sized piece of paper in a grid to look graphically interesting. Hopefully it will draw people closer and then they will want to pop in and see more. I decided on black foam core since it is stiff and it will help the white cards to pop. I am using glue dots to attach everything and hope they can withstand a month of heat from direct sunlight.

Lucky for me, I know a handsome man who is also an artist and, unlike me, is very good at measurements, detailed work, and neat writing!

The last challenge is what to do with this piece of foam core so people can see it. My plan is to borrow an easel from an artist friend and prop the foam core onto it, then move it around in the window until I find the visual sweet spot. If all this comes together, I will be very psyched because I only spent about $10. Fingers crossed.

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