Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sizing up the Easter Bunny

I was doing a little research on making sizing for handmade paper for a project I am working on. (Sizing is used to seal paper so that ink does not absorb into the paper and feather or bleed. If you are using recycled manufactured paper, there is already sizing in it, but if you are cooking plants or using a different kind of fiber, like old jeans broken down in a Hollander beater, you may need sizing depending on how you will use your handmade paper.)

I ended up finding a recipe that called for rabbit skin glue. Once I researched what the heck rabbit skin glue is, I found that it is essentially refined rabbit collagen. Ick! What would the Easter Bunny say?! Thank goodness I found a recipe using wheat paste instead!

Interested in making your own sizing? Here's a great site with a few different recipes:

Happy Easter!

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