Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hand paper making annual auction

Once again, Hand Papermaking magazine is holding its annual auction fundraiser on ebay. Each year, bidders compete for donated items such as unique papers, distinctive artwork, valuable services, rare books, useful products, historic artifacts, etc. Most of the offerings are unavailable elsewhere and related in some way to hand paper making. The auction is going on until April 30.

Among this year's offerings:

Signed Twinrocker Poster
Large Tapa from Tonga
Intimate Shifu Art
Kimono-Style Work Garment by Fukunishi Washi Studio
An Assortment of Vermont Papers
Lee McDonald Mould & Envelope Deckle
“Parts of the Body” Artist Book
A Day in the Dieu Donné Studio with Paul Wong
Kingsley Foil Stamper
Fine Press Book on John De Pol
Two Framed “Eyes of God” Paperworks
Two Su
Three Swatch Swap Books: 2010, 2013, 2014
Cannabis Press Miniature Books
Three Books on Paper Art
Paper Marbling Kit
Silver Anniversary Boxed Set
Leopard-Spot Paper
Fine Press Book Made by Kim Merker
Signed Book… “Japanese Papermaking”
Original Buddhist Manuscript
Three Books for Book Enthusiasts
Public Art Review Subscription + Back Issues
1999 “Aramco World” with History of Paper Article
1977 “American Artist” Magazine
“Papermaking at Hayle Mill 1808-1987”
Peter & Donna Thomas’ Miniature Books
Keepsake from 1993 “Friends of Dard Hunter” Conference
Collaborative Bookwork on Free Love
A Dozen Years of “Hand Papermaking”
Two Watermarked Sheets
Marble-Patterned/Water-Patterned Paper
Signed Book… "Japanese Papermaking"
Antique Paper Mould from Vietnam
Eight Books on Papermaking
Paper Conservation Services
Unusual Artist Book “Tropos”
7 Years of “Hand Papermaking” Magazine & Newsletter
1798 Guide to Papermaking, Published in 1948
Early Siegenthaler Booklet
“Equilibrium Study” Pulp Painting
Assorted Paper Publications
Three Mill Booklets on History of Papermaking
Two Recent Watermarked Sheets
Two Student Su & Sha
“A Lively Look at Papermaking”
“Betty’s Book”
Large Antique Sugeta from Japan
Eight Books on Typography
Jody Beenk Artist Book “Paste”
Katagami (Japanese Paper Stencil)
"Paper: Its History & Conservation"
Assorted Bookworker’s Hand Tools
Snow-Retted Banana Fiber
Illustrated Indian Treasures
Signed "By His Own Labor" Biography of Dard Hunter
Assorted Japanese Papers
“The Activated Page: Handmade Paper & the Artist's Book”
A Five-Year Subscription to “Hand Papermaking”
Wheat Straw Fiber
A Day in the Studio (River Forest, Illinois)
Sures/Whitehead Pulp Painting, “Conversation Piece”

You can check out photos and place a bid here:

Good luck!

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