Wednesday, November 12, 2014

White house

Well, not THE white house.

In the spirit of all things paper as well as the fast-approaching holiday season, I made this little white house as a Christmas ornament, created from recycled white cotton linter paper scraps. The photo does not capture it well, but the roof is covered with very fine frosty white glitter, and the walls have an ice blue glitter. I know that glitter can walk a fine line between kindergarten craft and something artistic, but I think I met the balance here. Hung against white Christmas lights on a tree, this little house dances and sparkles. There is something about the shape of a house that people are always drawn to, and especially me. (Look at my Pinterest favorites and half of them have some kind of house in them.) I think it's because a house symbolizes family, warmth, coziness and love. I hope your house feels that way now and always.

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