Thursday, November 20, 2014


OK, I am really obsessed with these little gift tags. They are blank folded gift tags so you can write a note or to/from inside. The outside has a little plantable paper earth on it. LOVE THEM! I think I have a weird obsession with miniature things. I still have my dollhouse from my childhood and have taught summer camps and after-school classes on making dollhouse miniatures. Some of the original furniture from my dollhouse charms me so much — as well as associations with pleasant childhood memories — that I display a few of my favorite pieces on a shelf in my studio.

So these tags charm me also. I actually got the little blank tags at a paper auction and had fun trying to figure out something little to put on them. I love getting paper at auctions because it is cheap enough that I can play around with it and not worry about a new idea not working out quite right. But I also get all kinds of papers and sizes of tags and envelopes that I wouldn't normally invest in, which gets my creative juices percolating. These turned out better than I envisioned in my head. If you like them, you can purchase these (or any amount you would like if you contact me) in my Etsy shop here:

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