Saturday, November 15, 2014

National Pickle Day

Apparently, yesterday (Nov. 14) was National Pickle Day! Who knew?!

I am bummed that I missed it because I would have spread the word about a pickle that is very special to me. It’s the Christmas Pickle!

Believe it or not, I didn’t make it up. It is a tradition claimed to have been originated by the German but much more common in the States than in Germany. A pickle-shaped ornament (traditionally made of glass) is hidden somewhere on the tree. The child who finds it first on Christmas morning receives an extra present, gets the first serving of Christmas dinner or some other special treat.

In our household, the first one to find the Christmas pickle gets to open the first gift. Of course, as a paper-maker, I had to translate this quirky tradition into something related to paper. I made a mold for my pickle and then pressed green paper pulp into the mold. I pop the pickle out when it is fully dried, and add a piece of gold thread.

My paper pickle comes with the following explanation:

On Christmas Eve, hang it on the tree
while all are sleeping - do it surreptitiously.
On Christmas morn, don’t get miffed.
The one who finds it gets to open the first gift.

The whole thing cracks me up and I would love to meet the person who started a tradition involving a pickle. That's the type of person I would really like.

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