Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Steal like an artist

This is such a thought-provoking poster that, once I found it, I had to trace it back to its creator to find out more. I found this great Ted talk by Austin Kleon, the guy who said it and wrote a book with the same title:


He says that all art is imitated and that nothing is original but that we need to make it ours. Steal like an artist doesn't mean an outright theft of something. It means to borrow from many places, and make something your own. He had a great quote about imitation not being flattery, but transformation is. When somebody takes the idea of something you created and elevates it and makes it better but also makes it their own, THAT is flattery. What a boring world it would be if all artists stole and made the exact same thing as the original. I love #5 the best, about how important side projects and hobbies are to art. I had an art teacher who said the same thing to me. She said if you live in a bubble and don't have life experiences, you can't create art. You have to have memories, feelings and stories to draw upon to create something with meaning. Amen!

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