Wednesday, November 26, 2014


"Futzing around" is the term we use in my family when we should be doing something but we have gotten sidetracked with a project that is not a necessary one. Hang on, I'll use it in a few sentences!

"Dinner is going to be a bit later because I was futzing around reorganizing the closet."

"I forgot to call because I was futzing around in the yard."

"She futzed around all day and didn't do her homework."

To me, futzing is a mix of procrastination and a creative spurt that overrides making dinner, doing laundry or even the creative things I do that can become a bit routine. These Christmas tree gift tags came out of my latest round of futzing. I had some pretty scrapbooking paper that were leftovers, a few sheets of green plantable paper and some good shows on the DVR. Enjoy!

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