Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Postcards are here!

The postcards that I ordered to advertise my show came today. Yay! Now I just have to address and send about 50 of them, distribute another 50 by hand, advertise the show on social media, and distribute all the show info through local newspapers. It's quite amazing how much work goes into having a show at a gallery. It's not just creating a massive amount of work - enough to fill four huge walls and an entire free-standing card rack. I have had to think about food, booze and music for the opening, how to lay everything out on the walls, what to say on the individual placards for each piece of work, how to dress a large front window to advertise the show, get 8 new lines of cards designed, created and printed, and then priced and packaged… Every time I accomplish one thing I think of 5 more new things that have to be done. I used to do craft shows and thought this gallery show would be much of the same organizing and creating but it has been a very different beast. That said, it's been fun and creative in a new way and I am completely enjoying the new challenges. I just hope I have thought of everything!

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