Saturday, March 28, 2015

April Fools

Every April 1st, we have a tradition of getting together with friends and making a big April Fool's feast. I will never forget the very first one we did about a decade ago. I made a meatloaf and baked it in cupcake wrappers, then frosted it with mashed potatoes tinted with pastel food coloring. When I brought it to the table, one of the kids said, "I knew it! Dessert for dinner!!!" It was the perfect comment, disarming everyone from what they were about to bite into. Then there was the year I decorated the windowsill next to the dining room table with little potted plants. When dessert came, I turned around and took them off the sill and gave them out. I had baked cake in clay pots, crumbled chocolate cookies for soil and then stuck a sprig of mint into each one. My proudest moment was the year I served chocolate drop cookies in a kitty litter box filled withe Grape Nuts cereal. One of the running jokes has become how to sneak broccoli into the meal, which began the year we had an inedible, though hysterical, meal. My friend had brought along pizza and cupcakes as a back-up meal (which happens more and more frequently) and I ate half the cupcake, thinking the jokes were over, before I bit into a chunk of broccoli.

This year, I am thinking it would be funny if I made these footprints in the snow, locked the door and then pointed to the snow with a frightened look on my face. Since the focus has always been on food, they would never expect that! Time to go plan. ** Insert evil laugh **

And by the way, some of these ideas are absolute genius:

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