Monday, March 9, 2015

Petal People

I am making a lot of new Petal People for a show I am doing, and taking this opportunity to print some new lines of cards to introduce during the run of the show. I have made about 30 new original pressed flower art figures, and these are some of my favorites. I am looking for any kind of feedback about them, which ones you would like to see made into greeting cards to be sold in my Etsy shop, and any general comments for improvement about them, etc. Feel free to post comments on my FaceBook page:

This woman is holding a birthday present with a big bow, for a line of birthday cards. However, one family member saw the present as a birthday cake and another saw it as a hat! Do you see a present, cake, hat or something else?

This one is my very favorite, a little yoga bend with a large fiddlehead fern as the hinge in the hip.

One friend saw this Petal Person as saying "I'm sorry" or holding her heart in a gasp. I saw it as a naked stick figure trying to cover up in surprise. Clearly I didn't get the point across!

I love this girl in a fun flapper dress. I imagine her shaking her hips, making all the fringe dance. She is my second favorite figure, and part of the reason I am making her into a card is because if I sold her and never saw her again, I would be very sad!

Jumping for joy, this girl is definitely a card to say, "Congratulations!" I knew the minute I opened up my flower presses and saw the clematis flower kinda bent and squished that it was going to be a skirt in motion.

I still have to add feet to tis little princess but I thought this would be the prefect card for any occasion for little girls.

And since most of my Petal People are girls or women, I thought it was only fair to introduce a man into the fold. This guy is going to get a mustache to match his hair, and maybe something else. There is something about him that isn't quite done.

I would love your feedback. Thanks for looking!

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