Saturday, March 21, 2015

David and Ashley

In a recent post (, I gave readers different display ideas for using my plantable paper seed bombs as wedding favors. One of the ideas was to make or buy a bird's nest and fill with seed bombs to look like little eggs in a nest. One of my customers did just that after buying my tutorial on how to make her own seed bombs. If you would like to do the same, you can purchase my tutorial here:

"Mom and I made the Seed Bombs in our kitchen. We used a blender, flower seeds from Lowe's, and cheap aqua copy paper from Staples. I got the directions from an digital download PDF tutorial I found on Etsy. The seller's shop, "Pulp Art" is amazing! The flower seeds all grow in different shades of purple and blue. We even used a couple varieties of purple-flowering herbs. (Purple flowers were Dad's favorite also, which is probably where I get it.) A lot of people don't know this, but many purple flowers are also easy to grow. Most herbs and other Mediterranean plants bloom in purple, and Mediterranean plants are tough and easy to grow because they can tolerate heat and drought. (That is if our Southern humidity and acidic North Carolina red clay don't kill them first!) David and I also have a connection to purple flowering perennials. We met when I worked at the Garden Center at Lowe's about 4 or 5 years ago. Part of my job was to roll the distressed plants out behind the store, and either "doctor them up" or dispose of them. (When I would dispose of the dead perennials in the dumpster, I would always clip off the ripe seed pods from anything that flowered in PURPLE, of course, to bring home and plant.) David also worked in the Garden Center at the time. His job was mainly to drive a forklift and move around pallets of mulch and fertilizer. Every now and then, though, he would come out back to where I was deadheading plants. He said our manager told him to "help me". This basically meant he just distracted me and got in my way - he got on my nerves back then! I found out years later that that was a lie. Not only did our manager NEVER tell him to come help me, the manager even YELLED at him for following me around like a puppy, instead of doing his own work in the Garden Center! Anyway, I packaged the seed bombs myself with tulle, spanish moss, and ribbon. I printed the labels myself on clear Avery printable labels, and put them on Martha Stewart Home Office hanging tags I got on clearance at Staples." - Ashley

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