Friday, March 13, 2015

Cabin fever party

What a great idea for a party to break up the winter! Wish I had thought of this party theme about a month ago when everyone was climbing the walls with cabin fever and cooped up in our houses, but thrilled somebody else was able to use my seed bombs to brighten up their winter. I'm going to steal this idea and am already planning my party for next winter...

"This theme is extra f-a-b because it’s inspired by a special customer of ours who, in order to combat those long Maine winters, hosts an annual Cabin Fever Open House. Her event is complete with bright-colored d├ęcor and spring flowers.

Everyone loves spring. It’s pretty much a fact. And with all the snow, it might feel as if you haven’t seen anyone all winter long. Whether you host a formal or casual Cabin Fever get-together, we prescribe that the only cure for Cabin Fever is a strong dosage of springtime charm."

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