Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Display ideas for wedding seed bombs

Many brides love my seed bombs for their weddings but aren't always sure how they can use them or incorporate them into their reception. Here are some ideas, including ways that some of my previous customers have shown me.

1. Put them in a tall glass cylinder or punch bowl, add a scoop and let guests help themselves. Provide some tiny canvas bags stamped with the name of the bride and groom.

2. Tie each seed bomb in a small swatch of cloth that coordinates with some part of your wedding — the decor, bridesmaids dresses — or the theme, and display them in a big bucket like this bride did:

Photo credit: Michelle Edmonds photography

3. Put 3 or 5 seed bombs into a small clay flower pot for your guests to take home and plant. Place some moss at the bottom of the clay pot and add a little baggie of soil along with my planting poem.

4. Tuck three or four seed bombs into some tulle or an organza bag, along with planting instructions, as I have done here:

(Want to buy a sample of seed bombs in an organza bag? Go here:

5. Make (or buy) bird's nests and put a cluster of seed bombs into each nest like eggs, then place a nest at each guest's place setting. I made this bird's nest out of recycled shredded US currency!

6. Use a sheet of my plantable paper, fold it into a paper cone and use it as a vessel to carry seed bombs, like a little cornucopia.

7. Make a little glassine envelope and pop them inside. This works really nice for bright colors and a peek of color through the translucent paper. Here's what one of my customers made as client app reaction gifts:

8. Get really free and crazy and simply scatter them all over the tables at your wedding reception as a whimsical, colorful but very inexpensive pop of color.

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