Wednesday, December 10, 2014

An entry a day keeps the boredom away

A funny thing happened about a month ago. I challenged myself to write a blog entry every day for one month. There was a period of time when I hadn’t written anything in my blog for about 2 years. Because I enjoy other people’s blogs, I thought it would be worth a try to really commit to do it. I linked the blog to my Etsy shop to be accountable to myself and to those people curious enough to follow the link. I hoped to be witty, informative, wise... I found out it's really hard to write a blog and to come up with something substantial to post every day. It's also challenging to have a narrow subject matter about which to write (handmade paper and other artistic pursuits).

But here's a funny thing that happened. I expected to write for a month, possibly limp to the finish line, and then sink back into the weekly posts I had been doing before. I didn’t expect how much daily blog posting would motivate me. Writing a post, researching a topic or creating something interesting for others is rewarding. When I finish a post, I feel like I accomplished something. It has inspired me and lighted a different kind of creative energy into everything I do. Ideas for posts seem to be constant and flowing easily now and I see inspiration in everything.

As Dana Mitchells writes, "[Daily writing] boosts your creativity. After writing every day for a week or two, you will find your creativity beginning to flourish. Ideas will pop up from out of nowhere. Anything from a newspaper article to a picture will inspire you. Your creative self will feel more comfortable in being allowed to churn out any idea, no matter how small or obscure. Exercising your creative muscle will allow it to be stronger than ever before."

Daily writing HAS boosted my creativity. It has given me motivation to attempt new things, research thoughts and ideas further for posts and dive into new projects around the house and in my life. So, I am excited to continue. AND I love the little spikes I have seen in readership, which fuels me even more. Thanks for reading!

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