Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Save the bow !

I made this sloppy bow at the last minute as a quick way to jazz up a present. It is made out of my handmade paper embedded with wildflower seeds so the recipient can save it for a few months and then plant it this spring. It also plays on a family joke we have where we save the bows every year (we are vicious recyclers) and use them for next year's presents. (Some bows must be a good 20 years old and have every remnant of tape and glue on them from years of trying to make them stick.) Every time someone opens a present, we all yell, "Save the bow !"

Because the present is for a gardener and there are gardening-related items inside, I thought this was a sweet way to top it off, and we only have to save this bow until after the last frost so we can plant it.

Martha Stewart eat your heart out!

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