Monday, December 22, 2014

Paper quilt

There are some things that I make that I hate to see go when I sell them. This paper quilt was one of those things. I call it a "Kitchen Quilt" because I made each square of handmade paper with spices and herbs from my kitchen pantry and my window boxes. I used nothing but recycled junk mail that was colored with cinnamon, turmeric, parsley, oregano and such. I poured each square one at a time. Once it was finished, I pressed the quilt under heavy boards, which made all the little squares knit together to form the quilt.

I have moved on to other art forms these days but I loved making paper quilts. I have one hanging in my own kitchen. I mounted it onto foam core and then framed it in a white frame so it would pop against the gray wall. You can't see the rest of the kitchen but the colors in the quilt are all over this dining nook, so the quilt helps pull those colors out as it assists in moving the eye around the room, making a nice harmony. I asked Mr. Papermaker if he would mind if I took this quilt and put it up for sale. He said the right thing: no.

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