Saturday, December 6, 2014


Woke up this morning to my 5000th sale on Etsy. Yippy skippy! Yesterday I was scheming all day about putting something on FaceBook or in my banner about free shipping or an extra surprise for my 5000th sale. Then I decided I would't say anything and just refund the cost of the order and give the whole thing for free. So I did. And now I feel like Santa Claus!

I have to admit to being not completely selfless in this transaction. I love the feeling I get back when I have been generous or surprised someone. Is that selfish? Maybe a little!

Here's how my customer responded:

Whhhhhhhaaaatttttt????!!!! That's so awesome!!! Yay for you for selling 5000 items and yay for you for being so generous!! Thank you! What a wonderful surprise! :D

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