Saturday, May 9, 2015

Love letter

I still haven't come down from the high of my show opening last Saturday. It was an incredible event that left me full of all sorts of emotions. There were people who came from an hour away to see my show, even though I have never met them. There was an artist who cried as she told me how she knows of someone who bought my work for a dying person because of the joy and hopefulness that my art conveys. There were friends who came indoors on a gorgeous spring day - away from their families, gardens and many fun outdoor events in the area - and supported me. And there was a really crazy story about the cyclical nature of things that was amazing.** I feel like the world wrote me a love letter.

I was completely humbled by how many people told me that my work was light, inspiring, playful, whimsical, clever and just plain fun. (For my guest book, I left a dictionary and asked people to find a word that describes my show, circle it and then sign their name on that page. I can't wait to page through it and see what words people have chosen.) I had people tell me I need to wholesale my cards, sell them on Amazon, etc. Plus, I sold 6 framed pieces (always very validating) and many, many cards.

The energy created from this show will last me a good, long time. It was a beautiful day.

(Goofing off for a friend who wanted to take a picture of me in front of my work.)

** I was given a whole bunch of pressed flowers by a woman last fall. I wrote about it here: A customer purchased one of the pieces that was made completely of the pressed flowers that came from these lovely women. I was chatting with the customer and told her that all the botanicals in this piece were given to me by a woman named Rosy. It ends up that she and Rosy are very good friends. She adores Rosy and her family and was so delighted to have something that was indirectly from her. Crazy!! Things like this story happen to me all the time, which makes me believe deeper in the interconnectedness of everyone, everywhere. This connection is why I make art.

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