Friday, August 22, 2014

A gift from a stranger

I received an amazing gift from a stranger this week. A woman named Debbie was helping her parents clean out the many years of accumulated items that everyone has piled up in closets and cupboards. During her cleaning, she found phone books full of pressed flowers and leaves. Among the pressed flowers were some of my Petal People cards that her mother had purchased from me. Debbie emailed me to see if I might like "some pressed flowers" since it seemed a shame to throw them away. I happily accepted since it was such a kind offer and she was local. Truthfully, I thought I would do something nice for a stranger by taking them, and I would meet her mother and say thanks for being a customer (turns out she had bought many of my cards over the years). I didn't expect to walk in and see boxes and boxes of pressed flowers and leaves, literally thousands of blooms. Debbie and her sister had carefully removed them from the phone books and sorted them into boxes so that everything was separated into categories. (This picture is only part of the collection of the items they gave me!) I have spent the better part of two rainy days "leafing" through them (pun intended!) and getting inspiration. I am so excited to have new items that I haven't pressed before, like sassafras and gingko leaves, and expand my line of Petal People. What could have been tossed away without a thought will give me many days of creative satisfaction and expression. Thanks Debbie and Rosy! Good karma is headed your way!

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