Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Price increase

I don't know what happened this year, but my shop has hit a continuous momentum that has been unusual and stunning, both on the web and in my local area. I am getting so much traffic on Etsy that I get emails like this one:

I am turning away custom orders multiple times a day online because I am so booked up, I am saying "no" to local business right and left, and I can't even replace the products that I sell, online or in the cooperative where I have a large display of my work, fast enough. While I realize this is success most artists would beg for, I have found it overwhelming. The only thing I can do is nudge up my prices to slow demand. So I am beginning to tweak prices on certain products this week. I am assuming I will hit a slow season soon, and then I will probably question whether raising my prices was the right thing to do, but for now it is simply necessary for my sanity. If there are any products in my store that you have been considering, you may want to jump on them now!

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