Sunday, May 3, 2015

The view out my car window

My day-in and day-out work life takes place in the studio I have at home, but several times a month, I have to "commute" to "work" at an artisans cooperative where I am a member. (As part of membership, every member takes a couple of shifts at the store every month so that we can take a high commission on our work and not pay anyone to run the store.) It is a bit of a drive through farm country as well as little villages, and hills and valleys, but the scenery is so gorgeous in upstate New York that there is always something stunning to see or a new season of colors to witness. I wish I had a picture of the time a herd of cows had escaped from a farmer's barn and stopped in the middle of the road, followed by the red-faced farmer who couldn't get them to move. It was one traffic jam that made me smile.

Some pleasing scenes from my commute.

I love the color on the roof of these buildings. This particular day, I came over a knoll and there were some dark clouds in the distance that really set off the blue. But by the time I slowed down, got my phone out, turned on the camera and took a picture, my angle had changed and the wind had moved them.

This is one of my favorite houses. It is named Windswept Farm and I have admired it every time I have passed it, for at least 15 years. You can't tell from the picture, but every window has a little electric candle in it, and they are always on, night and day, summer and winter. Makes it look so cozy and welcoming. And below, the view of the Saratoga Monument far away in the distance as it overlooks the rows of apple trees in the apple orchard where I have gone apple picking every year for 17 years!

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