Saturday, October 10, 2015

Tree whispers

This is a very cool project featuring handmade paper, that I copied and pasted from their website: Check it out!

Treewhispers is an international collaboration with handmade paper relating to trees started in the year 2000 by Pamela Paulsrud and the late Marilyn Sward. Since that time many hands have been involved sharing art, poetry and stories relating to trees—these works gracing many galleries and inspiring those who walk through the "forest". Many of you have sent a paper round, some have sent enough for an entire "tree" and some have assisted in papermaking events. Thank you—this couldn't have happened without you!

It is an honor to announce that Treewhispers has been invited to the Sharjah Biennial. Please consider joining in! With your help we can grow the installation even more before it's sent. Send your flat, round handmade paper with a connection to a tree—e.g. tree stories, poetry, etc. Any size, any number per person—the more the better! I'm sending the work Dec. 1st so will need the work by the middle of November to bind and pack. I'm so thrilled and honored—and would love to share the excitement with you!

Presently Treewhispers has entries/contributions that include text and/or imagery; some are simply magnificent examples of beautiful handmade paper. Some suggest tree rings, depict leaves or illustrate a personally significant tree; others are imprinted with a poem or a meaningful story relating to trees. You’re invited to join the forest by sending your flat handmade paper round with your tree story, poetry and/or art.

In answer to FAQ:

* Who can participate? Anyone with a tree story: artists, students, scientists, doctors and dendrologists—elders and wee ones, professional and novice. I’m convinced everyone has a tree story somewhere inside.

* What’s the deadline? Technically there is no deadline since the project is ongoing.

* Is there a theme? If you haven’t guessed it already, the theme is the tree—your personal stories, art, poetry, experiences relating to tree in any media on flat, round, handmade paper. For instance, ask yourself the questions: Did you ever climb a tree, plant a tree, have a favorite tree, or name a tree? Share your own personal connection to a tree whatever it may be. Sometimes simple stories are the most profound.

* Do I make my own paper rounds? You can or you can collaborate with a papermaker.

* How do I make handmade paper at home? Directions for simple papermaking using recycled paper are on the website. Sometimes groups gather for the purpose of papermaking for contributing as a group experience—especially on Arbor Day, Earth Day or Tu B’Shevat. Sometimes home-schoolers or scout troops make paper then gather the tree stories from another generational sector such as parents or grandparents. It’s another chance to be creative.

* What are the size requirements? There are no size restrictions—flat, round, handmade paper.

* How many rounds/contributions can I make? You can make one or multiples. It takes many to make a tree! If you do make multiples or have a batch to send, please do not bind them. They will be bound in house specifically for the installation.

* Will they be returned? No, the work becomes the property of Treewhispers and will not be returned. The project is ongoing and the work will travel with the installation. Images of the work may be used for publicity purposes, the website and catalogs.

* Where should I send them? Please mail them to: Treewhispers, Pamela Paulsrud, 923 Amherst, Wilmette, IL 60091 USA

* How will I know Treewhispers receives them? If you send your e-mail with the work or write to me on the Treewhispers website I will let you know when they arrive. After that, sign up at the Treewhispers website and stay tuned.

* Does the text have to be in English? No. The collaboration is international, so please use your native language. I would highly appreciate an English translation written on the back or on paper in accompaniment with the handmade paper round.

* Should I sign my work? It’s up to you. Some work is signed and dated—some on the front—some on the back—some work comes anonymously. There’s no ‘rule’ on this but I’ll have to say it’s fun to see all the names and places from which they come!

*Will my work be in the installation? All work that arrives at least a month before the exhibition date meeting the criteria will be included. (Criteria being flat, round, handmade paper with a tree story, art, poetry—sometimes the paper speaks for itself.) Work received after that date will be included in the next installation.

* How is the “tree”/installation hung? The rounds are strung in house in roughly 5 ft. segments which can be connected together to hang in galleries with varying ceiling heights. This method also serves the purpose to rotate the work from one exhibit to the next. For instance, your work may be near the ceiling in one exhibit and at eye level the next. Also some work hangs on the wall. The forest continues to grow with each installation.

* Where will the installation be next?

Exciting news soon to be announced! Stay tuned!!!

* Will the installation ever be near me?

Please contact Treewhispers for information if you are a gallery or alternative exhibition space interested in bringing the Treewhispers installation to you.

* Is there another way to participate? You can also post your stories, poetry and photos honoring trees as well as your papermaking process on the Treewhispers Facebook page. Spread the word and stay tuned!

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