Sunday, February 15, 2015

Net neutrality

Just wanted to share this announcement that was posted on Etsy. Net neutrality is a really important topic and hopefully FCC Chairman Wheeler's proposal will maintain it. I will be sending one of my cards - hope you'll send one, too!

Posted by Althea Erickson from BrooklynAssembly in the forum:

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to share the exciting news that last week FCC Chairman Wheeler announced the details of his net neutrality proposal, and as far as we can tell, it's very close to what we've been pushing for, and what everyone said was impossible a year ago.

We can't declare victory yet. The FCC will vote on the rules in two weeks (on February 26th), and between now and then the cable lobbyists will do everything they can to put loopholes in the proposed rules. So we're doing a full court press between now and Feb 26th to encourage the FCC strengthen the rules and plug any weaknesses that might emerge.


If the FCC actually pulls through and protects real net neutrality, we'd love to demonstrate the appreciation of the Etsy community to the FCC. Throughout the campaign, they have invoked Etsy sellers as the types of businesses they want to protect. If they actually follow through, we want to show them how thankful we are that they have our backs.

Will you create a personalized thank you card to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler telling him how much you appreciate him protecting the Internet, and what it means to your business?

If you can mail the cards to arrive before February 24th, I'll bring them all to the FCC to hand deliver them on the 26th (assuming the rules are as good as we hope they will be).

My address is:

Althea Erickson @ Etsy
55 Washington St, Suite 512
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Remember, the cards need to get to Brooklyn by Feb 24th. Can you help make this the biggest, most spectacular thank you ever? Let's bring tears to Chairman Wheeler's eyes. :)


p.s. For more on net neutrality and Etsy's position, check out this blog post from July:

and this one from November:

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