Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cauli … flower

I have been thinking about a different kind of flower lately, rather than my usual plantable paper with flower seeds, or Petal People made with flower petals. This one is cauliflower. In the ongoing effort to eat well and incorporate vegetables into our diets during the winter, I have turned to this quiet cruciferous vegetable. I am not sure how most people usually eat cauliflower, but in my house it get casually tossed into a stir fry with other ingredients, like shrimp, as the star. But this week I have saluted cauliflower and made a couple killer things. I started my cauliflower adventures with a classic roasting, which, for some reason, I tend to forget to do even though I loved roasted veggies. I oiled the cauliflower and salted it (with Malden sea salt flakes) and then cooked at 400 degrees or so. Delish. Next I boiled it with Old Bay seasoning and served it with cocktail sauce for a faux shrimp cocktail. Yumminess. But last night's dinner was my favorite. I shredded it in my food processor so it was about the size of a grain of rice, and I made it into stir-fried "rice." Just some sesame oil, soy sauce, onion, frozen peas, scallions, an egg - everything that I already had in the house - and I had a really yummy meal that helped us to catch up on the daily servings of veggies quickly. Bon appetit!

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