Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A hot mess

Back in March of 2014, I wrote about how I look like a hot mess all of the time because I make paper for a living. I am always in sweat pants, sometimes I have paper pulp in my hair or on my shoes when I leave the house and my clothes are always stained. Last week, I received this message from one of my blog readers:

I read your thread some time ago about going out in public looking bad and thought you might get a kick out of something that happened to me over the holidays. We had a COLD snap here, and my daughter & I had been outside doing something when my son-in-law came through the kitchen and said, "You both look homeless." I guess he wasn't impressed with our avant-garde layered look. The sad part is that I look that way most of the time when I DO go out in public. You might just have a competitor for the grungiest person on the planet. :)

It cracked me up but also made me feel like I am not alone in the creative messy look! So just for you, Carole, I took this picture of a shirt that I wore making paper. I usually wear an apron but it was in the laundry so I just had to dig in with an old shirt that I didn't care about. Long live the mess!

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