Thursday, June 2, 2016

"artist Martha Starke"

I have been neglecting my Etsy shop lately, having had a few busy, busy months branching out into wholesale selling and also designing the website for the artist cooperative where I am a member plus juggling entry into another artist cooperative. So I sat down to putz around today and look at my shop, starting on the stats page. The very first thing that caught my eye was this search:

I can't say how tickled I was that the word "artist" and my name were used together to find me on the internet. I feel like I have somehow arrived in a new way. I now have my work in multiple retail shops and cooperatives and it makes sense that someone might see my work or pick up a business card and google me. I recently did the same thing, as a matter of fact. I saw a piece of paper art that inspired me with its beauty and simplicity. It was hanging over a bed in the room I was staying in, in a lovely Vermont home, and I spent most of the weekend glancing at it whenever I had a minute. It is a paper quilt and I searched for the artist's name (Lisa Beaman) and then googled her when I got home. I wonder if she saw my search in her stats and got all warm and tickled, too.

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