Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Mary Poppins as inspiration

Every year, my artists cooperative has a gallery show in the spring with a different theme. One year, the theme was "egg," another time it was "recycled." All the members make something new for the show and we jury in outside artists and invited guests to make a vibrant body of work. The themes are open enough to allow many different media and ideas but just focused enough as to make an interesting, cohesive show. I can't explain why the association jumped into my head, but when I heard the theme "flight," I thought of Mary Poppins. Not of birds or airplanes but of a woman hanging onto an umbrella flying through the air. It was an odd jumping-off point but I decided to go with it. I thought almost immediately of some little paper umbrellas that I had purchased in a discount bin a few years ago, intending to have a fun party that featured umbrella drinks. I never did have that party so I had lots of umbrellas to work with. I started playing with them with a sculpture of umbrellas flying around in mind. But once I stared gluing them together, these orbs called to me. I am pretty excited that my media is paper and I managed to stick with my media for the show. I had so much fun making these colorful balls that I might just make a whole series for some other venues ... if I can find more umbrellas!

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