Monday, December 14, 2015

Jeans Greens

A while back, a woman named Holly contacted me and asked if I wholesaled my cards. The day before she called, I had just decided that I was going to start wholesaling them so I wash't sure if it was a little freaky or a little divine intervention that brought her to me. She said she thought my cards would be the perfect pairing for her store, Jean's Greens, which had lots of herbal things in it. When I went to her website ( to check out the store, the first thing I saw was this quote:

Nature uses as little as possible of anything. ~ Johannes Kepler

A quote that basically sums up my philosophy of living and how I think. Then I read the explanation of her shop and I was hooked:

"As I move about the shop among the teas, the herbs, the preparations, the gifts, the jewelry, the books, the everything, I am struck by how many hands have had a hand in creating all of it. Mugs were shaped, oils strained, leaves picked, seeds planted, boxes shipped, shelves stocked, packages wrapped, and more. So many hands, so many caring people, so many others who make Jean’s Greens possible. As the old table blessing goes, “Bless the hands that have prepared this meal from seed to table.” As I consider the many hands that are our partners, I too, silently give thanks for all the hands that have blessed our path… Our cover this year reflects all of these hands. Some we know, some we never see; but we know they are there, preparing and caring. In this year, I invite you to think about the many hands in your life—hands that care, support and shape your journey, hands that guide you on your way. And consider how your hands make a difference in the lives of others, completing the circle. May they be instruments of love and light in this year."

I am thrilled to now be selling the Petal Petal cards shown below at Jean's Greens Herbal Tea Works & Herbal Essentials, located at 1545 Columbia Turnpike in Schodack, New York. If you stop in, tell them Martha sent you!

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