Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Etsy seller handbook feature!

Yay! I just opened an email from Etsy that has my shop as a feature.

That blog post from Hill City Bride has been an amazing source of marketing for my shop, bringing in thousands of views. I wrote it several years ago and gave the basics for making plantable paper shapes. (Because of the traffic it brought to my shop, I later went on to write several tutorials that are for sale in my shop. They outline much more detailed info, tips for problem solving, information on different kinds of recycled paper content and more.) Years later and I still get daily views from Hill City Bride, which leads to likes for my shop, which gets me more exposure across Etsy, which hopefully drives more sales.

I remember once reading about Etsy pushing shops to promote themselves outside of Etsy to bring traffic in. Many sellers were irritated by this idea and believed that they gave Etsy a slice of their income to do the promoting for them. This blog post is a stellar example of why that outside marketing is so important. And here's a visual to back it up, showing what happened to my stats as soon as the email went out:

Thanks Etsy. And thanks Hill City!!

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