Monday, December 21, 2015

Handmade on eBay?

I guess you know you are on a successful selling platform when everyone else wants to copy it. Here the story:

eBay Launches New Artisan Collective
By Ina Steiner
December 09, 2015

eBay wants to be in on the craze for handmade goods after Amazon launched an Etsy-style store, and it launched the eBay Artisan Collective on Tuesday. Do Etsy and Amazon have anything to worry about?

eBay launched the Artisan Collective and encouraged its marketing affiliates to promote the curated collection. Scott Parent posted on the eBay Partner Network blog a post in which he called the Artisan Collective "an all-new destination for unique artisanal finds. This curated collection was launched to highlight crafted goods and high-quality treasures."

But artisans looking for exposure may be disappointed. Parent said the collective is made up of several small batch makers including Three Bird Nest, Milk and Honey Luxuries, and Mystic Knotwork.

Interestingly one of those sellers, Three Bird Nest, was at the center of a controversy recently when its high-profile founder departed the Etsy site, though by choice or by request isn't known for sure.

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