Friday, August 28, 2015

Yard sale fever

The yard sale mentality has hit, and hit hard. I have been going deep in drawers and cupboards to clean out my studio for the annual sale at my artisans cooperative this weekend and I am giddy with the space I have been able to free up. I found some plastic card covers that someone gave me a few years ago. She had ordered the wrong item and thought I could find a use for them. Instead of getting the plastic envelopes she meant to order, she received these sleeves, which don't close and just have a little pocket at each end. I couldn't think of a way to use them but I am such a recycler that I could't throw them away.

They have sat in a drawer for several years until yesterday when I pulled them out and was determined to use them somehow at this sale and finally get rid of them. I am pretty psyched at what I came up with. I have many mismatched plantable paper doves, some envelopes I got for next to nothing at a paper auction and some blank business cards that I also got at the paper auction. I stamped my plantable paper instructions on the blank cards, then put everything together and tucked it into the plastic pocket. Then I folded it over, cut it and secured with a round sticker. Voila! Got rid of a ton of things all at once and got my drawer space back!

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