Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Once a year, my artisans cooperative holds a sale. We all clean out our studios and bring in our seconds and shop-worn pieces. But you can also get discontinued items, things we haven't sold and don't want to look at anymore, experimental pieces and so much more. For me, it is like preparing for a yard sale. I have a little pile of things that I want to get rid of, but then I get the fever. I love the extra space I just regained from a drawer. I can do something else with that shelf that is now empty. I feel lighter and free when there isn't so much stuff in my life. So I start walking around and grabbing anything that isn't nailed down. (I will admit that I am still kicking myself for putting my paper quilling materials in a yard sale about 4 years ago. The needle and papers sat around for years and then the week after I got rid of everything, I thought to all kinds of new ways to use it. Doh!) So I may regret getting rid of some of my creations but you won't - the prices are drastically reduced and most of the time there is nothing wrong with the item. I am selling some of my greeting cards that got a little damaged when I didn't take the rubber bands off of them for storage and a couple rubber bands snapped and left a mark across the card on the top of the pile. You can barely notice it but I don't feel right about selling them at full price. I have three framed Petal People. I never loved the composition of two of them and apparently my customers didn't either! They haven't sold in about 6 months and my display is starting to look a little stale with the same pieces so these guys were taken out and have to find a new home since I rotated in new work. The third one has a knick in the frame, though a Sharpie would probably do the trick to fix it. Finally, I have lots and lots of plantable paper for the sale. When I make batches of handmade seed paper, I always have leftovers since I make more than I need for a custom order. I used recycled scrap paper but the colors of the paper scraps change, even slightly, and I can't match old items with the same color when I make a new batch. So I have tons of odds and ends that I have packaged up and heavily discounted. Come take advantage of the huge savings while supporting the arts. I will be manning the cash register from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., but the sale runs until 5 p.m. There is always a line before we open for this much-anticipated sale so get there as early as you can for the most selection. Or just stop in and say hi!

August 29, 10 am-5 p.m.
August 30, 11 am-2:30 pm

Valley Artisans Market
25 E Main St
Cambridge, New York
(518) 677-2765

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