Friday, August 14, 2015


1. an extended period of recreation, especially one spent away from home or in traveling.
2. the action of leaving something one previously occupied.

Just came back from three weeks on the road, taking an RV trip across 8 states, covering more than 3,500 miles. If you have never taken an RV trip and can get along with other people in a small space, I highly recommend it. I took my first RV trip 4 or 5 years ago just to satisfy my curiosity and get a check mark on a bucket list item. But it was such a blast that we did it again! This one was the first vacation in a while where I took everything down from my shop and had a real vacation - not only an extended period of recreation but also a much-needed break away from my work and my shop. I have kept my shop open before for other short vacations, but I spend so much of my time answering questions in a timely fashion that I don't end up really taking enough time off to reenergize myself. This time I sacrificed the sales I may have gotten and embraced vacay. I didn't look at my phone for days at a time, read three books cover to cover, played endless games of Uno and snapped hundreds of photos (623, to be exact!).

My favorite part of the trip might have been taking paddle boards out on Flathead Lake in Montana.

I found inspiration for my work on this trip, like stumbling onto these beautiful colors while playing among the rock formations in the Badlands in South Dakota. Perhaps you will see some of the images or colors from the trip creep into my work.

Nothing like a long hike to a mountain lake to clear the senses.

Anyway, I am back at it, my shop is open again and I am here!

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