Thursday, August 28, 2014

The elusive fly

I don't know why I make art. I don't have a political agenda or important world view that I need to state. I don't do it to because I have a quota that I have to reach on a production line. I don't even do it for the praise I get, although I do love the compliments! I just need to do it. I need to create. As a matter of fact, the very reason that I began selling my artwork was to make money to buy more supplies, and to get some of it cleaned out when it was started to take up too much room in my life. SO I guess I just create for the satisfaction of it. Today was one of those really satisfying days, though I almost feel silly being so excited over something I made. (I feel akin to a proud kindergartener showing her scribblings to her parents!)

Regardless, today I created something that really tickled me. I found a really interesting pressed flower in the stash I got from a stranger (see the post below for more info about that). It looked exactly like a house fly to me. So I created a Petal Person holding a fly swatter, with the fly buzzing behind her where she can't see it, her swatter aloft and ready to attack. I like it because it is a moment in life that everyone can identify with - trying to hunt down an elusive insect - but expressed with all the delicate beauty of pressed flowers and leaves. I hope it makes you smile.

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