Monday, September 26, 2016

Retiring treasuries on Etsy

So sad to read the news that Etsy retired treasuries:

Treasuries were really neat collections of items, curated by Etsy shoppers and shop owners. Items were chosen for themes or colors or holidays and I always found new and interesting things on the site that I would not have come across in any other way outside of other people searching and creating a tight little package of the best of what they could find. Etsy completely overhauled the front page to its current iteration and I have missed the old one ever since. Treasures were chosen by Etsy for their pleasing design and put on the front page of the web site, which changed every hour. I still miss them and never take the time to poke across the massive website on my own so I rarely see all the talent and terrific ideas out there.

This is a treasury for Father's Day featuring my plantable paper mustaches:

Here's another one that appeared for Valentine's Day, featuring my plantable paper hearts:

A lovely spring treasury, celebrating everything it has to offer, including rainy days, with my plantable paper umbrellas. I got many clicks into my shop as well as sales from these features. Goodbye treasuries! I loved you well...

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