Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Market appeal

I have been making my pressed flower art at a fast clip even since the calendar flipped to 2016. I have an upcoming gallery show at the end of this month. In the past when I have made a large body of work in a short amount of time, I have become so carried away and lost in the creative process that when I come up for air, I look around and have a disorganized mess of partially-completed projects all over my studio. But this time I have been focused. Whenever I started losing myself to hours on end of chaotic creation, I have stopped and reeled myself in, then focused on one thing through to completion. It has worked well and I have managed to produce about 25 new pieces of art, including three that I am making into cards for my ever-growing line of Petal People greeting cards. I got the proofs back and love the way they came out:

I usually create whatever I want with no thought of mass market appeal but this time I created two cards with a specific market: one for a birthday and one for a graduation. I love how they turned out, especially the graduation card, with one large tulip flower petal for the gown. A yellow flower petal serves as the tassel on the mortar board. Sometimes I take a long time and lots of fussing to rework a figure until I like it but it may end up looking overworked or too busy, which causes visual distraction. Or I will make a part of it and then it sits unfinished for a few weeks until I get inspired again. The Graduate was one of those designs that came together really easily in just a few minutes. I am excited to get it printed and into stores in time for the spring graduation season. Now back to the studio to clean up the latest mess!

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