Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My new studio!

After months of slow renovations with lots of delays, I am just days away from moving into my new studio. It is a small, cozy space — just 150 square feet, give or take — but it is a lovely little nest, perched up on the second floor among tree branches, with tons of sunlight flooding the room and a great view of the comings and goings of a sweet, active neighborhood in a college town. The smell of fresh paint is in the air, and as soon as the floors are coated with their last layer of tung oil, I can move in. I am most excited about this custom bookcase that my contractor built into an otherwise wasted space with too little depth for a piece of furniture but too much wall space to waste. The shelves extend down the hallway and over the door that is around the corner. And while I imagine them sparsely populated with clever books and interesting knick-knacks from foreign travels, they will most likely be crammed with bubble envelopes, mailing boxes, packing tape, business cards, ink cartridges, printer paper and all the stuff that goes into running my Etsy business. Either way, some serious organization is coming my way!

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