Monday, July 13, 2009

The sacred circle

I realized this week how many circles are on my blog and I was struck. I hadn’t really seen it until now. I chose my blog background based on the one that had circles. My favorite paper sculpture creation is made out of rolls of stacked handmade paper, forming circles. The avatar for my web shop is a shot taken above looking down on plastic cups full of pulp: circles! I guess I like them because they are really soothing to look at. Maybe all humans are fascinated by the circle. It certainly is a useful shape, like the tire on your car. The earth and the sun are all circles. When a bird builds a nest, it is a circle. The iris of my eye, every cell in my body, for that matter. The mandala, a scared circle, is the symbol of wholeness. The rock formation of the American Indian medicine wheel is a circle.

So, I am intrigued by the sphere. We’ll see where it takes me. I'll let you know.

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