Thursday, July 9, 2009


I have always loved artwork that uses multiples of the same material over and over. There is something innately soothing to me when looking at this kind of work. I combined my love of multiples, my love of circles and, of course, my love of handmade paper, to create a new line of paper sculpture. (To see an example, go to

To make this new line, I used ,any different colors, thicknesses and textures of my handmade paper, then rolled them up as if you were rolling a piece of sushi. I adhered each one into a shadow box so that the end was sticking out and you can see the sprial of the paper inside. There's a lot of texture to the papers and it all shows when you look at its end. The paper was made with all types of "ingredients." There's one piece that I made using shredded money. You can see little pieces of a greenback sticking out here and there, like a flyaway bit of hair. I also used herbs and spices to color the paper. But most of the colors I derived from whatever scraps of paper I used — I don't use any bleaches or dyes in my papers. The color comes from whatever paper I have chosen to use.

I hope you are as intrigued, relaxed and joyous as I am when I look at artwork made with multiples.

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