Friday, July 7, 2017

Social media

I think I have hit my cap for using social media. I can't seem to juggle more than one or two accounts, especially since I would rather be making art than using technology. First I started this blog. Then, I had a twitter account for my business that went silent went I started a FaceBook account. I starting using the Updates feature on Etsy, which is another former of marketing and social media. Most recently, I got onto Instagram and this blog has been the fatality for the time I now spend in the two new forms of promoting. I can only juggle so much, it seems. The good thing is that I am using different avenues of social media for different area of my art businesses so you will see some repetition but a lot of new stuff if you look at me everywhere.

I think I like Instagram the best of everything so far. If you want to take a peek, please come find me @

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