Thursday, April 27, 2017

Bouquet of flowers

I greedily plucked every petal off of the flowers in my Valentine's Day bouquet. I had managed to take the flowers out of the paper and plastic, put them in a vase and admire them for about five hours. One little pluck wouldn't hurt from one little flower in the back. But once I started, I couldn't stop. I had a vase full of headless stems by the end of the day. My husband didn't even blink. He knew the blooms would make me happiest in my flower presses than sitting in a vase slowly withering.

Winter brings rest for gardens and rest for my hands. I can no longer grow plants so there is no more digging in the dirt or pressing flowers. So when anything living comes my way from a bouquet or during a vacation to a different climate, I am on those botanicals like white on rice.

With the help of that bouquet, along with other botanicals that I already had in my presses, I made this new design:

I cropped the photo in an unfortunate way but her other leg is straight, her foot ready to spring into another jump. Then I kept going and made this one:

Since I took this photo, I changed her right leg so she is walking in stride with him, and I also made his hair fuller. Then I made about 6 more designs, too. They are already in the hands of the printing press, getting scanned and prepared for my next new release of products. Then I'll get back to digging in the dirt and planting this year's flower garden for my next crop of cards!

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